Caring for Diaper Rash

What is Diaper Rash?

You might notice your baby's skin becoming red, puffy and tender in the diaper area: around the buttocks, thighs and genitals. They may seem more moody than usual and uncomfortable during diaper changes. They may even fuss or cry when the diaper area is washed or touched.

Don't panic. diaper rash is extremely common amongst babies. Although it feels like you’ve done something wrong, don’t worry, you haven't. Your baby’s skin is naturally sensitive and treating diaper rash is easy with Bepanthen® Ointment.

What causes Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is most commonly caused by wet diapers or underwear staying in contact with baby's skin for too long. Wetness from urine is a powerful promoter of rashes. Add diaper friction and the enzymes in a healthy baby’s stool and you have the perfect environment for developing diaper rash.

Combine this with the damp, warm conditions in a baby's diaper and it's easy to understand why damage to the skin is almost unavoidable. Baby's tender skin also has fewer glands to secrete oil, thus baby cannot produce enough oil to protect their skin. And this causes them to be susceptible to diaper rash. Once the protective barrier of the skin is damaged, it can lead to the painful red rash you dread seeing as a parent.

Preventing Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is extremely common amongst babies, and no matter what precautions you take to make sure your little one is comfortable, there are some instances where you simply cannot prevent it. You can however take measures to minimise your baby's chances of developing diaper rash:

  • Change your baby's diaper often. Use water to rinse their bottom.
  • Apply a baby ointment like Bepanthen® Ointment at every diaper change.
  • Let your little one go without a diaper for a short period each day.

A good baby skincare routine is important to prevent diaper rash and to promote optimum health for baby skin too. It is as simple as A, B, C!

A. A good bathing practice

  • Infant should be bathed 2-3 times per week.
  • Avoid products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (soaps that foams excessively when mixed with water)
  • Use product that is gentle, mild and soap-free.

B. Baby good diaper practice

  • Good quality modern diapers should be used.
  • Diapers should be changed immediately when soiled to reduce risk and skin contact.
  • Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen® Ointment at every diaper change to prevent your baby from diaper rash. Avoid using products with perfumes, colouring, preservatives or antiseptics.

C. Care with emollient

  • Use emollient like Bepanthen® Ointment that will protect and give gentle healing to diaper rash.
  • Studies have shown that application of a barrier supportive emollient may aid in protecting and repairing the skin barrier.

Treating Diaper Rash with Bepanthen® Ointment

Rinse the affected area with lukewarm water

It's best to use plain water. But if you use soap, be sure to use a mild one, and only after a bowel movement as overusing of soap can disrupt the healing process.

Protect the skin with Bepanthen® Ointment at every change

Bepanthen® Ointment has a transparent, breathable texture that makes it easy to apply and remove, as well as keeping the skin healthy by allowing it to breathe. Bepanthen® Ointment protects the damaged skin with a protective layer through a purified lanolin compound. Lanolin helps protect skin against drying and seals the moisture needed for skin repair, without preventing air exchanges. This helps optimal healing from diaper rash and is ideal to use at every diaper change. As it also contains  Dexpanthenol ( pro-vitamin B5) , Bepanthen® Ointment accelerates the skin’s own natural regeneration process to gently heal and reinforce its own protective barrier. Formulated according to the needs of delicate infant skin, Bepanthen® Ointment is free from all colourant, fragrances and preservatives.

Choose the right kind of baby wipes

Avoid wipes that contain alcohol or fragrances. If you find that a baby wipe is giving your little one irritated skin, try using plain water with a soft paper towel or cloth wipe until the rash heals.

Expose your baby's skin to the air

Let your baby wear a loose diaper so that the air can circulate. During naps, remove the diaper and lay them on a towel. Allowing the area to dry will reduce the risk of a yeast infection.

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Bepanthen® Ointment

Gentle solution that protects against and cares for diaper rash. Also regenerates and nourishes irritated, dry and cracked skin.