Irritated & Cracked Skin

What causes skin irritation?

Many people suffer from skin irritation. One of the common causes of irritated skin can be simply washing with soap or exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Skin irritation can be experienced by mothers while breast-feeding and babies can also be subject to skin irritation in the form of diaper rash. While many skin irritations are minor, you should act early to avoid more extreme symptoms.

What causes cracked skin?

Your skin contains a well-balanced mixture of natural oils that help to hold in the moisture and protect your skin from the outside world. When these protective oils are lost, for instance when washing with harsh soaps, the skin becomes dry and irritated. Over time if the dryness remains untreated the skin can begin to crack. This can make you more susceptible to germs and infections.

Repairing cracked skin

Cracked skin can be a serious problem, causing irritation and even pain. So, it's important to repair cracked skin and to avoid any further cracking in future. One of the things that can help is to avoid using soaps or sanitisers with harsh chemicals.

You should also try to avoid weather conditions such as extreme cold environments or dry winds. When indoors it is important to be aware that central heating and air conditioning can also dry out the skin. Using an effective moisturiser such as Bepanthen® Ointment can help avoid cracked skin.

Treating cracked skin with Bepanthen® Ointment

Bepanthen® Ointment provides gentle relief from the symptoms of cracked skin. It nourishes and moisturises dry spots and soothes the skin. Bepanthen® Ointment contains Dexpanthenol (pro- vitamin B5), which accelerates the natural regeneration of your skin. It gently heals and reinforces the skin's own natural protective barrier, helping to avoid the reoccurrence of cracked skin.

The all-natural active ingreadient Dexpanthenol, makes it suitable and safe to use for cracked nipple and at the same time breast feeding. Dexpanthenol is given the G.R.A.S status "Generally Recognised As Safe" status by the US Food & Drug Administration, it is consider safe even if it is consumed by the baby.

Bepanthen® Ointment is free from all colours, fragrances and preservatives. It can be applied several times daily as needed.

Bepanthen Ointment MAL2000087X

Bepanthen® Ointment

Gentle solution that protects against and cares for diaper rash. Also regenerates and nourishes irritated, dry and cracked skin.