Frequently Asked Questions

Bepanthen First Aid Cream


    Bepanthen® First Aid is used for the treatment of:
    Superficial/minor wounds of any kind when there is a risk of infection: e.g. abrasion, small cuts, scratches, fissures, mild burns, sores and ulcer.
    Infected skin irritations
    Skin damage and external surgical wounds, in minor surgery

    Bepanthen® First Aid contains two active ingredients, chlorhexidine and dexpanthenol, which disinfects without stinging and gently heals wound. It works in a combination of 2 ways when applied to minor wounds:
    Disinfection – Chlorhexidine in Bepanthen® First Aid disinfects wounds by killing bacteria
    Gentle healing – Dexpanthenol is converted into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which penetrates deeply into the skin to facilitate the natural healing process

    Clean the wound as thoroughly as possible before applying a thin layer of Bepanthen® First Aid on inflamed skin areas. Bepanthen® First Aid may be applied to the wound several times day until it has healed. Application over an extensive area of skin should be avoided. Dressings may be used if preferred. 

    Bepanthen® First Aid should only be applied externally to affected areas where there is a risk of infection and avoid using it on extensive areas of the skin. Please consult your healthcare professional for more information.

    Please seek medical attention as soon as possible if you or individuals under your care show signs of discomfort such as stomach irritation or nausea after accidental ingestion of Bepanthen® First Aid.

    If the wound does not improve, or worsens after application of Bepanthen® First Aid, please seek medical attention from your doctor/pharmacist as soon as possible.