Your baby’s skin

So you’ve brought a little one into the world, and you’re in love all over again. Learn more about caring for their delicate skin with Bepanthen.

Learn about nappy rash

A nappy rash can happen at any time during your baby’s diaper-wearing stage. Fortunately, finding the appropriate ointment for a nappy rash is not an issue.

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Nappy rash ointment

Treatment and prevention are very similar when it comes to nappy rash, both involve following some simple hygiene recommendations and using Bepanthen Ointment.

Bepanthen baby cream helps deal with nappy rash

Can teething cause
nappy rash

Teething, which often begins in babies around six months, can be a challenging time for both parent and baby. But does baby teething cause nappy rash?

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Bepanthen Baby Ointment

Along with making sure your baby is well-fed, rested, and healthy, it is also essential to take care of your baby's delicate skin. Babies' skin is thinner and has a higher pH compared to an adult.

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