Nappy Rash Triggers –
From Teething to Weaning

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Teething is one of the reasons as to why your baby might suffer from a nasty nappy rash. A bad nappy rash can cause extreme pain, and with their teeth coming through, it can also cause other reactions such as awful nappy contents.

When a baby's bottom comes into contact with wee and poo, their skin becomes sore, and a nappy rash can develop. So, although it’s technically not the teething itself causing the rash, that nasty runny poo will. For some babies, their teeth can appear without their parents even noticing, but others seem to struggle for months with the pain! It seems a bit unfair when this translates into sore bums too. Fortunately, an ointment for nappy rash can help.


Because babies’ skin is a lot thinner than adults, it’s not surprising that it can react so easily. Anything that touches their skin can be a potential irritant, from wet wipes to nappies.

It doesn’t matter whether you use only disposable nappies and wipes occasionally or all the time, any can pose a threat. Do try different brands until you find the one that works for your baby, and don’t forget cloth nappies too, they really aren’t scary at all!


Weaning your baby is always a messy time. But it’s not just the food that's causing a mess, as weaning can also make a difference to their little bottoms too.

Your babies are going to be trying a variety of new foods, and some of them might not sit well with their tummies. So, be ready for nasty poo again, just like when your baby was teething. However, if you think that your baby might be getting nappy rash as a reaction to a type of food, speak to your doctor.


As mentioned before, babies have much more sensitive skin than us adults. So it’s understandable that certain detergents might cause their little bottoms to become sore. This is clearly something that is more likely to affect a cloth nappy-wearing baby.

To prevent detergents causing nappy rash, make sure that you thoroughly rinse cloth nappies. An extra rinse cycle is always worth it. You can also choose detergents that are more sensitive to skin or alternatives such as soap nuts.



You can protect your baby from nappy rash in several ways. The first thing to do is let your baby have some nappy-free time. On a towel is good; outside is even better! Probably best not to attempt nappy-free time on your new rug. Make sure that nappies are changed frequently. When changed frequently, no poo or urine will be in contact with the skin for long. You would always want your bottom cleaned quickly as an adult, and babies are no different! When cleaning the skin, use water and cotton wool, or you can try reusable wipes.

Applying a barrier ointment for babies before you put on a new nappy can protect them from the effects of nappy rash. A thin layer of this breathable baby ointment on your baby's bottom overnight, when the nappy was on the longest, can protect him or her from any irritants.

If you notice nappy rash developing and have recently changed an aspect of your baby’s changing routine, such as a different brand of nappies, wipes, or detergent, then simply go back to what you used before.