Caring for Sensitive Skin

10 tips for taking care of babies' sensitive skin, including applying baby cream every time you change a nappy.

Eczema outbreaks can happen at any time, especially if you get too stressed, or if you're trying out a new beauty product.

If you have seemingly perfect and problem-free skin, then lucky you. Unfortunately, not every person is blessed with the same genetics. What's worse, some products for treating skin conditions such as eczema can actually aggravate the flaky patches of their skin, and causing it to itch to the point of becoming so uncomfortable that it costs the person sleepless nights.

To treat a baby's nappy rash and prevent soreness, vigilant use of nappy ointment for their delicate skin is recommended. You can choose to keep one tube in your children's nursery, one in your travel bag, and a back-up in the bathroom just in case you ever ran out!

At the same time, using non-bio laundry liquid to wash your children's clothes as compared to certain detergents is advisable, as they are actually effective for removing difficult stains, whilst being super gentle on your children's delicate skin.