Frequently Asked Questions

Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer


    BepanthenSensidaily Moisturizer is a daily moisturizing cream that is specially formulated for extra dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin. The unique Derma Defense formula contains prebiotic (to stimulate the natural skin microflora), glycerin & natural lipids(to help provide long-lasting moisturization), pro-vitamin B5(to support skin regeneration) and vitamin B3 (to help support production of lamellar lipids.)

    BepanthenSensiDaily moisturizer is intended for those who have extra-dry skin and those who need comprehensive skin barrier protection. It is clinically tested and suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

    Thanks to its unique Derma Defense formula BepanthenSensidaily moisturizer helps your skin stay protected and healthy in four ways:

    1. It contains a prebiotic shown to support a healthy microflora that forms part of your skin’s natural protection,
    2. Natural oils, vitamin B3 and panthenol in the formula has been shown to support the natural skin barrier for long lasting protection,
    3. Lipid Lamellar Technology (LLT) helps provide lipids (e.g. ceramides) in lamellas similar to naturally occurring lipids on our skin.
    4. Physiologic humectants help provide long-lasting moisturization; they allow an efficient support to the natural protective skin for a longer period without peaks of extreme skin dryness.


    Yes, the prebiotic in BepanthenSensiDaily Moisturizer is Alpha-Glucan oligosaccharide which stimulates growth of good bacteria on the skin and decreases the growth of microorganisms that potentially trigger flare ups.

    BepanthenSensiDaily Moisturizer should be applied twice daily or as needed.