Managing Eczema-prone Skin

Appropriate moisturizing and skin care are paramount strategies in the effective management of eczema.

General daily skin care for eczema includes the maintenance of the skin barrier with liberal use of emollients and avoidance of aggravating factors. A defective skin barrier allows moisture to leave the skin and allows allergens and irritants to penetrate into the skin. 

Rehydrating the skin and repairing the barrier function of the skin can be achieved during the day with the routine application of unscented moisturizers. This includes application of moisturizers immediately following baths or showers. Bathing or showering should be short and use warm (not hot) water, and cleaning should be done with the least amount of non-irritating soaps or non-soap cleansers (pH balanced to the skin).   

Eczema patients may also have an elevated risk of bacterial and viral infections. Eczema incidence can be minimized by a diluted bleach wash.

The importance of the use of moisturizers in eczema management cannot be overemphasized as this has been found to reduce the incidence of eczema flares. 

You can use Bepanthen SensiDaily moisturizer as it provides long lasting moisturization, strengthens the skin barrier, and supports a healthy skin microbiota/microbiome/microflora which is part of your skin's natural protection.

Daily moisturizer use, compared with no moisturizer use, extends the flare-free period and can also improve eczema severity scores in actively inflamed skin.