10 Essential Items for Those First Few Days/Weeks of Newborns

Essentials items

The first few weeks of life with a newborn is a memorable experience - a new baby, new routine and even new sleeping habits! There were also so many things that you never thought you needed, and some things that you most probably ended up not using! You might think that you are prepared, but it is easy to overlook some of the items that are actually essential! So, here are our top 10 essential items for both mum and baby in those first few days or weeks of life!

1. Breast/Maternity pads

It can come as a shock to new mothers as to how much they can bleed after labour. As such, it is advisable for you to bring a large pack of maternity pads with you to the hospital, as it provides you the comfort of knowing that they are in your bag for when you need them. You can also choose to pair them with disposable pants that you could literally rip at the sides and bin. These are good options to consider as you will not be able to do much bending right away!

2. Comfy t-shirt

An oversized cotton t-shirt is ideal as it will not only be able to help you keep your modesty, but will be loose and comfy enough to move around in. We would definitely recommend for you to pack a couple of tees in dark colours (for obvious reasons), and to go for comfort over fashion!

3. Lip Balm

During labour, your lips can become very dry, sore, and cracked from the constant panting, sweating, not being able to drink a great deal of water, and sucking in all of that gas and air. Constantly applying a lip balm throughout will help you to keep your chaps moisturised and protected.

Essentials for a newborn. Cream is a must have! Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

4. Nappy ointment

Newborns’ little bodies are sensitive, especially around their bottoms. You want a nappy ointment that is going to be super gentle on their delicate skin. The tiniest little blob will go such a long way in protecting your little one's bottom against any nasty nappy rashes. They come in handy, little travel-sized tubes that take up little to no space in your changing bag!

5. Dummies

Whether you plan to use them or not, some babies need that sucking comfort of a pacifier. It is easy for you to not factor packing this item in your children's changing bag, but you would definitely need them, sooner or later! Save your significant other the trouble of having to rush out to the nearest shop, and have a sterilised set on hand instead.

6. Wipes

These are optional, as good ol' cotton wool and water can do the job, but it might be handy for you to have a pack of newborn-suitable wipes on-hand to mop up spills, or for use during nappy changes.

Remember to always carry some baby cream with you. Baby clothes.

7. Sleepsuits and vests 

We would reccommend for you to purchase sleepsuits or vests that come in a variety of sizes, because you don’t know how fast your baby will grow.

8. Muslins

A good quality muslin is great for burping, mopping up sick and spills, covering up your breast while feeding your child, and even as a swaddle.

9. Baby hat

Babies cannot regulate their temperatures independently until they are around 24 months old, so it’s important they are kept warm even if you aren’t feeling particularly cold yourself. It is recommended for you to always pack at least one hat in your bag for outings so you have it if you need it.

10. Snacks

Some may see this as an optional item, but we see it as a total essential. If you are pregnant with your first baby, trust us when we say that you won’t want your other half to leave you even for one second while you are in the delivery room. Both of you need to eat and drink, so things like energy bars, biscuits, sweets, and drinks are great additions to your bag, so your partner does not need to go out to forage for food!

There are obviously other items that are essential in those first few days or weeks such as a safe and working car seat, nappies, cameras, feeding equipment and toiletries.